NEVER Use The Wrong System For Your Business Ever Again...

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This training is a super-charged bootcamp designed to show you which Business SYSTEMS to use to Increase your sales!

Get instant access to The Systems and Automation Bootcamp Training for only $497!

If you're wishing you could pay someone to set your business on auto pilot so you could spend more time playing with the kids...
More time traveling... 
​Or just more time to spend serving your clients, instead of working out everything from scratch...

Then this will be the most important letter you read this year. 


Here's why...

Think about this for a quick moment...

Let's say you're preparing for the launch of your upcoming product/ service...
You've worked so hard...
You're on a roll and people are finally paying attention to your posts...
They are finally resonating with your Facebook ads...
Your list is growing from your lead magnets...
And now folks are paying attention to your Instagram feed because your content is rock solid...
But wait....
Goodness...  there’s just one thing on your list that you still have to get done...
Can you guess what that is?!!
YES!  Your Business Systems.
God only knows how long you've been working on the launch of your product or service...
You've spent weeks...
✅ Establishing your Customer base...
✅ Perfecting your Brand...
✅ Creating Content for marketing ...
✅ Praying that the admins of groups approve your non-spammy, but                      kinda salesy Facebook posts
But guess what?
It’s time to launch and you still haven’t put together automations in our business preparing for your next step…

You've been trying to piece together other some simple systems in your business for DAYS...

Been there done that!!!

You’ve been on the hunt for the perfect system for your business...

You're stuck... 
And ready to give up searching for the right systems for your line of business!
Trust me Friend, I know how hard it is to try and devise a system that...
Matches your company or business and resonated well  with your clients and keeps them engaged long enough to do what you want them to do...
And actually makes them want to take you up on your offer.
Most emerging and women entrepreneurs make a BIG mistake when selecting systems to use within their businesses.
Besides not knowing how to determine if a certain system suits their company size...
They don't address the fundamental reason of what they want this system to achieve at the end of the day, and its intended impact on their customers...

And as soon as they make that mistake, they lose their picture perfect prospect...
And what do you do? Start all over again!

Have you experienced this before?

Don't get me wrong...
You are gifted beyond belief...
The problem you are solving is real...
The transformation you offer is commendable... 
But if you don't put systems in your businesses channeling communication to and from your business, clients may not understand why your offer is important...
And if you don't have proper sales funnels ,automated systems and copy writing text that  literally engages with your clients and /or prospect....
Then it won't matter how amazing your product, service, program course, event...
Or whatever you're offering is...

Imagine never having to guess your way to the perfect sales funnels, because you have a proven, stunning step-by-step template that tells you exactly what your sales page needs to say, and the exact order it needs to say it so that it converts...



How amazing would it be to cross running around all day everyday for your business off your list in one easy breezy day... and be able to ditch the overwhelm by not having to pay some random person an arm and a leg to do it for you.

Crazy right?!!


So let me ask you...


How would your online business be different if you could:

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CONFIDENTLY automate or have an expert  automate all your businesses processes LIKE A BOSS so that whenever you feel like launching a new product, service, or program, it's automatically updated in your database and reaches out to the targeted audience without a hustle...
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KNOWING the irresistible words to say so that your prospective client is begging to pay you...
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EASILY tweak your sales page for all your new offers...
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RECLAIM your time by putting LIFE back into your lifestyle business!

I have some news that will knock your socks off!


When You Take A Do-It-Once-And-It's-Done Approach To The Automation Of Your Business Processes…

       You can easily learn to do it yourself, saving you time and money...

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You can knock out the writing of your sales page literally overnight

with an easy copy/paste method...

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You'll ditch the overwhelm and get it done!!!

Would you like to know the exact method to use to fast track to your business processes and sales?!!

I've been the brains behind several 6 and 7 figure launches for so many women entrepreneurs :-)




 NEVER Use The Wrong System For Your Business Ever Again...

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What’s Included in 5 Laws of Systems and Automation Bootcamp ™



An interactive session with the Systems Coach will kick start the Bootcamp to channel everyone's energy towards the goal of the program.

To get all of you SYSTEMATIZED!!!


I know some of you may have their reservations with the use of technology.


But don't worry about a thing,,, this program is designed with you in mind:)I've been there too!

I got you, friend....



Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to expert advice and sales page training.  We will go step-by-step until you fully understand every piece of the puzzle.

I will show you how to structure, how to create content, and how to sell your offer using a simple writing hack that you never knew was available to you!

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Explore this really amazing workbook designed to help you choose the best funnels for your business.


In just a matter of minutes, you will get your  "Aha' moment and see what you have been missing all this while .


What a wonderful session we had, with Temycka, My Business will never be the same again after this.

- Rachel, Brown, Former Student

Secure a Seat for the Power Packed 5 LAWS OF SYSTEMS AND AUTOMATION BOOTCAMP 

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  • 5 Laws of Systems  and Automation  Bootcamp $497.00

Total Value = $1,997
Today's Price = $297

Get instant access to The Slay Your Stunning 6-Figure Sales Page™ for only $297!

Total Value = $1000.00
Today's Price = $497

Get instant access to The Slay Your Stunning 6-Figure Sales Page™ for only $497!

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In the past, I've charged thousands for this secrets and formulas.

And if clients want to hire me to do it for them, my rates start start at $1,000.  But because you’re reading to this point, I know you really want to take action... so I’m going to make this a no-brainer for you.


Instead of its regular price of $ 997.00

I’m literally gifting it to you so you can get unstuck...

for only $497.00

(yes, please!)

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Here's what some of the ladies who took part in my pilot program had to say about it, Join the group of ladies..

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And If You're Not 100% Satisfied... Neither Am I.


I get it. I’m a small business owner just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in an online product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something you could have found for free on Google.

But I’m super proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements the strategy will be thrilled with their purchase.


While I can’t guarantee that your  net sales will quadruple,  I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the training and mentorship n this bootcamp, plus the immense time and stress it will save you.


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  • 5 Laws of Systems  and Automation  Bootcamp $497.00

Total Value = $997.00
Today's Price = $497

Get instant access to  5 Laws of Systems and Automation  Bootcamp ™ for only $497!

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Temycka is the real deal! Hands down!  She's the only one I trust with my branding.  

- Lerato Naidoo, Sacramento, CA

Hey there! I'm Temycka!

I’m a systems  and automation specialist AK.A the Momologist. I help single women, emerging entrepreneurs and beyond to manage their business systems & balance their life flawlessly with no excuses. 

After over 10 years spent growing my online business, I know how frustrating it can be when you run into an obstacle that stops you from getting your new ideas out into the world.

Over time, I’ve mastered  the art of automation  and I can teach you till you become a pro or if you would like, I can set up everything for you.


Regardless of what you choose, I have grown to understand how systems function and how we can use them to work for us even remotely through the click of a mouse.


Let me show you how to connect with your clients, convey the immense value of what you are offering such that customers  pull out their credit cards to buy whatever it is that you are selling.

It’s time for you to decide what you really want this year. Perhaps you want your bank account to have more money than you can spend so you never have to dread your credit card’s statement balance emails. Or you want to spend more time with your kids and go on more vacations.

Just know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. If I can do it, you can do it, too.

Why should you trust me?

I don't just teach this stuff; I actually do it. I use the EXACT systems that I will teach you for myself and my clients.
I've been behind-the-scenes of many 6-figure launches. I've worked with clients in dozens of different markets, from home improvement to life & business coaching, and I've seen what works and what doesn't.
I'm a work-from-home mom to five littles. I live the best of both worlds, where I get to have a thriving business AND spend quality time with my bundles of joy. I'm living proof that it's 110% possible to have it all. And I want you to have that too.

Systematizing your business really works! I was able to automate repetitive tasks  so I can enjoy quality time with my family! I want that freedom for you too!!

Grab the Ultimate Sales Page Solution

Here's what's lined up for this Bootcamp

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5 Laws of Systems  and Automation  Bootcamp $497.00

This 5 Laws Of Systems And Automation Bootcamp™ Is Perfect for You If You :

  • You are just starting

  • Looking to scale your business

  • Motivate your staff with skills enrichment training 

  • You just have a lot on your plate right now and need some extra help, to some important aspects of your business.

  • Confused, or doubting the current systems that you are using.

Total Value = $997.00
Today's Price = $497

Get instant access to The Stunning 6-Figure Sales Page Program™ for only $47!

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Temycka Carpenter Carlton  has recommended one of the most fundamental, "I just need this system", in my business systems which have proven fit for purpose over time,

you only need to listen to what she says.

Have a question?

Click Support  box below and I'll get you an answer as soon as I can!

Over the years I've collaborated with Temycka on many, many businesses systems , and she's a total pro. Her secret superpower is being able to share her knowledge to literally anyone in a very simple way, I have no doubts in her capabilities. 

- Donielle Danforth, Lorton, VA

Seriously, Is Going Back To Tedious repetitive tasks From Scratch Even An Option?


Grab the Ultimate Sales Page Solution

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  • 5 Laws of Systems  and Automation  Bootcamp $497.00

Total Value = $997.00
Today's Price = $497.00

Get instant access to The 5 Laws of Systems and Automation Bootcamp™ for only $497.00!

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