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Are you a Lawyer who is a Single Mom and struggling with feelings of being overwhelmed, and surrounded by so much noise going on that you do not know how to control it and you want to heal your emotions and pain that have transpired due to parenting alone?


Go Girl Hustle Program

This 3 Month Intensive Program was created so that Single Mother Lawyers  can break free from the stigma of single motherhood to find their voice so that they can have the strength and will to create the life that they deserve through a path of freedom.

Are you tired of living with the unknown and constantly on edge about how you’re going to pay your next bill, rent, kids’ daycare, etc.

OR your just...

Mentally overwhelmed, breaking down and losing sight of the reality that has been created for you due to the loss of a significant other by your choice or for an unforeseen circumstance.

Go Girl Hustle is for you...IF:

• You want to discover and live your true purpose.

• You have lost touch with your passions and would like to have more clarity on how to live your best life.

• You are interested in greater success, ease and happiness.

• You are at a crossroads in your life.

• You want to get to know yourself better.

• You are seeking stable joy and fulfillment.

In this program you will learn:

1. Applications for empowering a brand-new self-care regimen within your daily life schedule.

2. communication practices for your feelings and emotions on your own terms while making life adjustments.

3. A blueprint of doable skills and techniques for implementation within your life. 

4. Building and maintaining healthy relationships using coping mechanisms.

5. An Improvement on your time management skills.

Benefits of the program are...

Ready, Willing and Able to generate, start a business and plan a solid career path.  Single Moms,Emerging Entrepreneurs, and beyond gain techniques, so they can accept their current reality of being a single parent, helping them create the strength & life they deserve, help them with establishing an existence after adopting a prison mentality, helps them to learn how to raise their child alone and emotionally accept their situation.


The goal of transformation in the program is for Single Moms Lawyers to build stronger connectedness, bonds and a mutual respect that will strengthen relationships that support the assistance of their state of emergency. 



The details of the program are as follows:




This program was created so that Single Mom Lawyers can break free from the stigma of single motherhood to find their voice so that they can have the strength and will to create the life that they deserve through a path of freedom.



This 3 Month program, “Go Girl Hustle,” focuses on The Sanity Preservation Success Model for Single Moms, Emotional Trauma Survival Hacks + Dysfunctional Family Resolution, and Work Life Balance Best Practices + Financial Stability.




(1). 3 Month Intensive Group Program


(2). eBook Included: 10 Simple Self Care Tips For Busy Moms


(3). 90 Minute Weekly Group Training Sessions based off of previous pre-work & biweekly challenges


(4). Bi-Weekly Challenges Varies within the areas of emotional trauma, mindset, family issues, financial roadblocks, and work life balance. 

(5). Email access to me on Mondays & Sundays: Pre- work, homework assignments and questions that need immediate assistance. 

(6). Access to the FB Group




(7). Discounted Ticket Towards Next Level Strong Retreat


(8). 2 Guest HAM Workshops of Choice


Week 1: Introduction


Week 2&3: Sanity Preservation Success Model: Survive Your Inner Thoughts


Week 4&5: Sanity Preservation Success Model: Mental Blocks


Week 6&7: Emotional Trauma Survival Hacks: Support Your Emotional Balance


Week 8&9: Dysfunctional Family Resolution: Talk Using Your Voice

Week 10: Work Life Balance Best Practices, Rebuild and Maintain Healthy Relationships


Week 11: Financial Stability: Access Your Boundaries 

Week 12: Wrap Up Session