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All the tools and training to automate and systematize your life and business.

H.A.M Institute school equips single moms and emerging entreprenurs and beyond in bossing up and mentally building their confidence, clarity, and vision (who they are on a deeper level) through the 5 step HER NLS SYSTEM.

It is dedicated to the empowerment and advancement of Single Moms & Emering Entreprenurs who are building the mindset & confidence to balance it all and have massive success.

Single Moms & Emerging Entrepreneurs are thriving in the ongoing, collective ambition to inspire and move Victoriously, Bold & Confidently through the entrepreneurship world. Whether the obstacles that they are encountering are hindering their mental, emotional or financial growth and adversely impacting their business expansion.

Included is: 

1. Life & Business Courses

2. H.A.M Masterminds

3. H.A.M & Next Level Strong Networking Opportunities

4. H.A.M & Next Level Strong Events Discounted


1. 2 Jump-Start Courses every Month 

2. WOTRC Virtual Quarterly Round-Tables 

3. Single & Strong Sisterhood Retreat

Stressed Woman

Individual Development

Work On You.


Business Development

Build Your Dream!


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