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Unapologetically Why

Our founder is a single mother who took life by the horns and paved her way to being a successful entrepreneur.  As a result; WOTRC was born to uplift, walk with, and develop the dreams of single mothers and emerging entrepreneurs.

Surrounded with all the tools, bridges and support to make their dreams a reality and not their circumstances. Resetting the mind, renewing the soul, and redeeming the spirit to be all they can be for themselves, their children and the world. 

Do not hesitate to call us and learn more about our carefully designed programs helping mothers and energing entrepreneurs do more than succeed but Be GREAT.



Mompreneurs run the world!

Mom's (single and beyond) are the superheroes of the world.  Own your power with the right tools, resources, and most of all people.  Get the fuel you need here to be great; get the direction required to reach your fullest potentials, Last but not least; get the support you need to succeed. ~ Women On The Rise Consulting


Be a Super Mom...

Get a first-hand understanding of how we help mothers and emerging entrepreneurs reach their fullest potential and be all that they can be while being a mom and an entrepreneur.

Your dreams don't have to wait! Book your individual or group session now.

Therapy Session


Become Your Best

Reflection Café: join like-minded moms and emerging entrepreneurs exploring and discovering their power and journey as a mother and entrepreneur. 

Go Girl Hustle: join aspiring Mom’s and Emerging Entrepreneurs through the process of rising above the excuses of motherhood, housing of limiting beliefs to overcome, breakthrough and determining your destiny and purpose effortlessly. 

H.A.M Institute: Gain a boss mom vibe through mastermind learning, strategies, and techniques elevating you to your next level.

H.A.M. Coaching (Her Awakening Moment) COACHING: personalized coaching sessions for moms and emerging entrepreneurs on purpose. Get an in depth understanding and clear vision of your purpose, and order your steps to succeed.

Working Mom


Building Greatness Together!

This community is for all moms and mom affiliates.  We all have something to bring to the table so why not contribute your dish here.  

We learn together, Grow Together, Support Each Other and WIN.

Moms and Babies


It's all about you! Self-examine with no judgment. Reflection café is a visionaries safe-haven and a place for self-imposed transformation.


Moms grind, develop and build generational wealth. GGH houses the means for single moms and moms in general to create wealth while being a guardian to their child or children. While Being Super!

H.A.M Institute

Business building and development courses for moms and emerging entreprenurs preparing you to get back into the game and/or helping you lead as a mom or entrepreneur on a mission.

H.A.M. Coaching

Her Awakening Moment Coaching; personalized sessions helping moms and emerging entrepreneurs systematize and automate their life bringing balance to motherhood and purpose.

Mother and Child

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